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News Update: Spring 2011
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  • The next Tank #5 Work Weekend will be May 14/15.

    News Update: February 2011
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      The Western Railway Preservation Society is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Baker Youth Community Action Project (BYCAP). The BYCAP program is part of the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps’ school year program which provides alternative school students with on-the-job training and hands-on educational lessons while working on projects throughout the community.

      This partnership has come as a result of the tireless work of our vice-president, Jerry Huck and BYCAP Project Director, Ben Titus.

      The BYCAP students have already started work on the new Restoration Office in McEwen with progress is being made in record time. The Western Railway Preservation Society has many other projects that the students will be working on including the restoration of D&RG Outfit Car #O4951 and the a 3-4 year plan to renovate and upgrade our current restoration facility in McEwen, Oregon.

      You will be able to follow the progress of the BYCAP students on the Western Railway Preservation Society’s E-Newsletter or for the very latest news, check out the BYCAP/WRPS facebook page.

    News Update: December 2010
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      We are pleased to report that the the Leo Adler Foundation of Baker City, OR has generously awarded the Western Railway Preservation Society a grant to be used in the restoration of D&RG Railway Bunkcar #04951. These funds will be used to acquire trucks, couplers and other draft gear hardware that will help bring this historic railcar back to operational condition. We are very grateful to the Leo Adler Foundation for joining us as a partner in this restoration project.

    News Update: Fall 2010
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      The Western Railway Preservation Society will be holding their annual meeting in McEwen, Oregon. At this meeting, we will cover Society business and discuss some future ideas while we enjoy a casual picnic lunch. So, we invite everyone to come out to the WRPS Restoration Shop in McEwen and check out some of our recent restoration projects. We will start at 12 Noon on October 9th.

      Remember that the SVRR’s annual meeting will be held the following night and we would encourage all WRPS members to attend both meetings if able. It should prove to be a great weekend for catching up with old friends and seeing what both organization have planned for the future.

      Please e-mail Tim Bain at tim@westernrailwaypreservation.org if you would like to attend the WRPS annual meeting.

    News Update: Summer 2010
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    • Next work party weekend will be held on July 10 -11. We plan to continue the work on tank car #5. The next rusted-out tank panel will be removed and that section cleaned out, and scale plans started for the tool box and platform. The work on the restoration shop facade will also continue.

      Anyone interested in attending this work weekend or others in the future should contact the tank #5 project manager Mike Roberts at mike@westernrailwaypreservation.org, or for other projects, Jerry Huck at jerry@westernrailwaypreservation.org.

    News Update: Spring 2010
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    • Next work party weekend will be held on April 10-11. We plan to continue the work on tankcar #5 and finish up some parts of the car body. Anyone interested in attending this work weekend or others in the future should contact the project manager Mike Roberts at mike@westernrailwaypreservation.org