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- D&RG Outfit Car #O4951 -

Outfit Car #O4951

This car was built as a boxcar for the Denver & Rio Grande Railway in 1895 by the Ohio Falls Car Manufacturing Company of Indiana. It was given the number 4951 and served on the narrow gauge lines in Colorado as a 20-ton, revenue boxcar for nearly 20 years.

However, by 1904, the D&RG had newer, larger boxcars built and many of the older 20-ton cars like the #4951 were being scraped or converted to outfit cars. By 1914, boxcar #4951 had been converted to a “Bunk car” and was assigned to the Denver & Rio Grande’s Roadway department to serve as sleeping quarters for track gangs that maintained the railway’s trackage.

Around 1948, this car was taken to Monarch, Colorado to be used as a bunk car by Carmen and section gangs. Not long after that, the car was taken off its trucks and set on the ground at the Monarch limestone quarry. It continued to serve the D&RGW as a bunk house for many years. More History >

If you would like to make a donation towards the restoration of this historic railcar, please mark your donation “outfit car project”. Thank you for your support.

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- Outfit Car #04951 News -

December 2010
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    We are pleased to report that the the Leo Adler Foundation of Baker City, OR has generously awarded the Western Railway Preservation Society a grant to be used in the restoration of D&RG Railway Bunkcar #04951. These funds will be used to acquire trucks, couplers and other draft gear hardware that will help bring this historic railcar back to operational condition. We are very grateful to the Leo Adler Foundation for joining us as a partner in this restoration project.

    November 2010
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  • For the first time in 50 years D&RGW outfit car 04951 is back on the rails.

    The car was placed on a pair of recently reassembled Colorado & Northwestern arch bar trucks and moved to the Restoration shop in anticipation of several much needed repairs to the cars roof and siding.

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  • A recent problem had developed in one of the "A" end windows requiring the car siding to be removed and replacement of several braces which had deteriorated to the point where the window framing had no anchor points remaining.

    Replacement framing was installed and the siding was replaced with like material. Many of the missing grab irons and stirrups were replaced as well as the running boards under the car doors and other hardware.

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  • The roof has been stripped and replacement of the roof framing is under way. A recent trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum yielded the information needed to recreate the draft gear arraignment, we are hopeful to return the 04951 to service in the fall of 2011.