Western Railway Preservaton Society

- D&RG Outfit Car #O4951 History -

After it was abandoned, the car was saved from destruction by a Colorado railfan named Don Drawer and taken to his ranch in Ft. Lupton, Colorado. There, it was used by Mr. Drawer as a bunk house for his guest that came to visit his Sundown & Southern Railway. However, the Sundown & Southern railway was never a success and following Don Drawer’s death in 2000, the railway was auctioned off.

Outfit Car #O4951 arriving from Sundown & Southern

In July of 2002, Outfit car #O4951 was purchased by four of the founding members of the Western Railway Preservation Society and had it moved to McEwen, Oregon which is the home of the Sumpter Valley Railway Restoration.

Outfit Car #O4951 before repair

Once in Oregon, the Outfit car had some window and roof repair work completed by WRPS members and was then put on display in the SVRR railyard at McEwen.

Outfit Car #O4951 on display

At the present time, the #O4951 is still on display next to the McEwen water tank however the WRPS has been accumulating funds and materials to begin a full restoration of this car that will see it returned to operational condition. The plan is to restore this car to its 1940’s configuration.

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