Western Railway Preservaton Society

- Restoration Projects -

  • Tank #5 Restoration
  • Westside Tank Car #5

    In September 2005, this unique piece of logging history became the focus of a restoration effort, with a mandate to rebuild tank car #5 into an operational piece of SVRR rolling stock. Full documentation of the cars remains were started, and in October 2005, the oil tank was carefully lifted from the rotted flat car deck. Find out more >

  • WSLCo Caboose #3 Restoration
  • WSLCo Caboose #3

    West Side Lumber Company short Caboose #3 was purchased by the Western Railway Preservation Society in March 2010, with the intent of restoring it to a 1920's era operating condition. Work will be starting mid 2010. Find out more >

  • Caboose #3 Restoration
  • Sumpter Valley Ry Caboose #3

    SVRy. caboose # 3 was the first project undertaken by the core group that would form the Western Railway Preservation Society. The caboose was built in the south baker shops of the svry in 1926 and served the svry. until 1941. Find out more >

  • Outfit Car #O4951 Restoration
  • D&RGW Outfit Car

    This car was built as a boxcar for the Denver & Rio Grande Railway in 1895 by the Ohio Falls Car Manufacturing Company of Indiana. It was given the number 4951 and served on the narrow gauge lines in Colorado as a 20-ton, revenue boxcar for nearly 20 years. Find out more >

  • Rio Grande Southern Passenger Car #252
  • D&RGW Outfit Car

    This narrow gauge passenger coach was built in 1880 by Jackson & Sharp Car Company for the Denver & Rio Grande Railway. Eleven years later in 1891, it was sold to the new Rio Grande Southern Railway that was being built by Otto Mears in the San Juan Mountains of south western Colorado. Find out more >