Western Railway Preservaton Society

- Tank #5 News: 2005-2006 -

October 2006
  • 2006_oct_1.jpg
  • Most of the 'A' truck bolster castings after touch-up priming and weathering.

  • 2006_oct_2.jpg
  • The truck bolster is getting a coat of primer. The spring plank has been coated with a clear preservative.

  • 2006_oct_3.jpg
  • Almost done mounting the iron parts to the truck bolster and spring plank.

  • 2006_oct_4.jpg
  • The completed truck bolster sub-assembly - about 400 pounds worth. The orange tint really shows in the West Side red paint, color-matched to a sample from the flat car remains.

    September 2006
  • 2006_sept_1.jpg
  • Sandblasted brake hanger assembly and journal boxes, just prior to being primed. Except for the long sideframe bolts and axle bearings, all of the parts for the 'A' end truck are ready for reassembly.

  • 2006_sept_2.jpg
  • Truss rod saddles being installed on the bottom of a new truck bolster. The heated 1" truss rods will be fed through the long angled holes in the end of the bolster, over the saddles, and, while being bent with a big hammer, pushed through the opposite angled holes until the threaded ends are equally exposed on each end.

  • 2006_sept_3.jpg
  • Operations Manager Jerry Huck is firing up the forge for the truck bolster truss rods. It took a while to heat up the 24" of truss rod required for the insertion into the truck bolster.

  • 2006_sept_4.jpg
  • The two truck bolster rods have been installed. It took a lot of heat, adrenaline, bashing and banging with large hammers, one broken saw horse, and a small fire in one of the angled holes, but we were successful. Only one more bolster to go.

    August 2006
  • 2006_aug_1.jpg
  • Final woodworking and hardware fitting is wrapping up on the new truck bolsters.

  • 2006_aug_2.jpg
  • The first trucks wheel faces, backs, and axles have been sandblasted. The original "8-31" hand painted on one axle was clear-coated and covered to avoid damage. Original white markings found on two wheel faces will be repainted.

  • 2006_aug_3.jpg
  • The two wheelsets have been painted to mimic rust. Judging from the tank in the background, the color is very close. The primer on the axle ends will be removed at assembly time. The freshly primed side bolster straps are laying across the axles. Also very visible are the rusted out areas on this side of the tank.

    July 2006
  • 2006_july_1.jpg
  • The first truck has been disassembled, and the metal parts and wheel sets are ready for sandblasting, primer, and paint. The bearings are worn, and will require new babbitt metal.

  • 2006_july_2.jpg
  • The second truck bolster is now cut to size, and several of the bolt holes are drilled. As soon as the parts are cleaned and painted, we can start putting these trucks back together.

    June 2006
  • 2006_june_1.jpg
  • Deconstruction continues on the flat car frame. Truss rods and air pipes have been removed, and the only complete original wood beam on the car - a needle beam - has just been removed.

  • 2006_june_2.jpg
  • This is as far as the deconstruction goes until new the new wood parts show up. The only iron parts left is the coupler hardware, which is holding the rotted wood together.

  • 2006_june_3.jpg
  • The first new truck bolster nears completion. The four angled holes for the iron truss rods still need to be drilled.

    April 2006
  • 2006_apr_1.jpg
  • End truck bolster truss parts after removal. So far, the old nuts and bolts are coming apart much easier than expected.

  • 2006_apr_2.jpg
  • End view of remains. The car is now blocked up off of the ground. This will allow removal of the end tank support beams and last two deck boards in May. Note that only three of the six long beams survive - two inner sills and one intermediate sill - and these are also very rotten.

    November 2005
  • 2005_nov_1.gif
  • West Side Tank Car #5 being loaded up at the Roaring Camp and Big Trees for its trip to the Sumpter Valley in the year 2000.

  • 2005_nov_2.gif
  • What is left of the wooden frame of the same car in 2005. as you can see, all the wood needs to be replaced but all the medal parts are there and will be used again in the restoration.

  • 2005_nov_3.jpg
  • Westside Lumber Company coffin-tank number 5 just before tank and trucks are moved to a new location for restoration. The restoration project is being headed up by SVRR member Mike Roberts.

  • 2005_nov_4.jpg
  • The relocated tank up on blocking. The tank is in far better condition than expected, and will likely be rebuilt to serviceable condition instead of just cosmetic.