Western Railway Preservaton Society

- Tank #5 News: 2007 -

November 2007
  • 2007_nov_1.jpg
  • First 'A' end draft timber takes shape.

  • 2007_nov_2.jpg
  • 'A' end needle beam has been completed.

    October 2007
  • 2007_oct_1.jpg
  • The long beams have arrived! A very big thanks to the Hull-Oakes Lumber Company in Monroe, OR. for their generous donation. Another thank-you to SVRy member Matt Mattioda and SVRy Operations Manager Jerry Huck on getting the beams across most of Oregon to McEwen. The two long tank support beams are on top,the flat car decking is in the center, and the six long sill beams are on the bottom. All of the wood to rebuildthe flat car and the tool box platform has now been donated.

  • 2007_oct_2.jpg
  • The first mortises being cut into the 'B' end beam. Each mortise took a half hour to cut, and there are twelve on each end beam.

  • 2007_oct_3.jpg
  • The finished mortises on the 'B' end beam. The four holes for the truss rods will be drilled in November, and there are four more draft gear bolt holes that will be drilled at assembly time.

    September 2007
  • 2007_sept_1.jpg
  • The flat car bolster iron parts have been sandblasted, primed, and 'weathered' as needed.

  • 2007_sept_2.jpg
  • The two lower 3" X 12" bolster beams are taking shape.

  • 2007_sept_3.jpg
  • The upper 4-1/2" X 12" bolster beams have been shaped, painted, and preservative added to bare spots. Paint was added to match what traces were found on the original pieces. Still need to drill the 2" holes for the truck pins.

  • 2007_sept_4.jpg
  • Finished 'A' end flat car bolster. Temporary bolts hold the cast iron truck bearing plate to the bolster. The bolsters will be stored on the trucks until the flat car frame takes shape.

    August 2007
  • 2007_aug_1.jpg
  • Cleaned and primed 'A' end truck parts are staged for reassembly. After an inspection by the SVRy CMO Scott Hutton, one of the axles with rough bearing surfaces got an hour or so of careful file work to remove high spots and burrs that would have damaged the babbitted bearings. Lathe time was not necessary.

  • 2007_aug_2.jpg
  • 'A' end truck bolster sub-assembly being lowered onto sideframe bars. Temporary wood bearing blocks are already in place on heavily greased axle ends.

  • 2007_aug_3.jpg
  • Reassembled 'A' truck, but still missing one of the brake beam assemblies. It took a couple of hours to get the sideframe bolt holes lined up, and a couple more hours to get all of the square nuts cinched up tight. Visible are some long hex-headed bolts keeping holes aligned for three replacement square-headed bolts we need to locate.

  • 2007_aug_4.jpg
  • This is what's left of the two 5" X 12" X 7'-6" flat car bolster beams after final disassembly.

    July 2007
  • 2007_july_1.jpg
  • Sandblasting a wheelset for the 'B' end truck - hot and dirty work! The cardboard taped to the near axle covers and protects the hand-painted letters 'OASCAR'. Name or code - does anybody have an idea?

  • 2007_july_2.jpg
  • Sandblasted journal boxes ready for primer.

  • 2007_july_3.jpg
  • Both wheelsets have now been sandblasted and are getting a coat of primer. Final painting and 'weathering' will be done in August.

  • 2007_july_4.jpg
  • Some of the primed sideframe bolts and the journal box covers. So far we have been able to use all of the original truck hardware. The 'B' end truck will be assembled in August.

    May 2007
  • 2007_may_1.jpg
  • The 'A' end truck has been reassembled, less brake shoes and bearings. Temporary wood bearings are in place until the original bearings can be rebabbitted.

  • 2007_may_2.jpg
  • New 'B' end truck bolster just after the truss rods wereworked into place. More smoke, fire, heat, and banging with big hammers did the job. The truck bolsters have proved to be the most time-consuming part of the truck rebuilding.

  • 2007_may_3.jpg
  • Old and new spring planks for the 'B' end truck. The five new holes have been drilled, and the truck bolster reassembly will start in June.

  • 2007_may_4.jpg
  • Disassembled 'B' end truck. The four axle ends have been cleaned, inspected, and primed. The ends on the far axle will require some lathe time due to roughness and taper.

    An interesting historical note: On the 'A' truck, the two wheels on one axle have 'WSL' cast in the back, and the other two have no markings. All four wheel backs on the 'B' truck have a cast-in 'PLC' for Pickering Lumber Company. The near axle, which is tapered, has 'PICKERING SAN FRANCISCO' stenciled in a faded white. This will be clear-coated and protected during sandblasting and painting.

    April 2007
  • 2007_apr_1.jpg
  • Sub-assembled sideframe bars and journal boxes are ready to be set over the 'A' end truck axles. To the left is the 'B' end truck which will be disassembled in May.

  • 2007_apr_2.jpg
  • The truck bolster subassembly finished last October is being lowered onto the lower sideframe assembly.

  • 2007_apr_3.jpg
  • Partially assembled 'A' truck. It took some time to get the long bolts worked through the sideframes. Temporary wood bearing blocks will be used until the originals can be rebabbitted. The brake hardware will be remounted in May.