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- Tank #5 News: 2008 -

December 2008
  • 2008_dec_1.jpg
  • Last work weekend of the year.

    The 'A' and 'B' end 1/2" X 12" dados for the truck bolsters are completed. In the background are the 10 new filler blocks for the truck bolster truss rod pads and air pipe supports.

  • 2008_dec_2.jpg
  • 'B' end draft timbers start to take shape. The mortised areas in the draft timbers and the inner main beams hold cast iron blocks with 3/4" through bolts that keep the draft timbers from shifting under load.

  • 2008_dec_3.jpg
  • 'B' end steel reinforcement plates are bolted into place, and the draft timbers need just a little more chisel work before they are bolted into place. We still need to fit the coupler support bracket and buffer block to finish up this end.

  • 2008_dec_4.jpg
  • The fitted 'A' end coupler support bracket. The long bolts will go through the new buffer block. The 2 new buffer blocks will the last frame timbers to be cut.

    Tank #5 work weekends will start again in March or April 2009.

    November 2008
  • 2008_nov_1.jpg
  • Work continues on the frame hardware. Viewed from the 'A' end, the reconditioned main air line is now installed, and the brake rigging is taking shape. The two outer truss rods are loosely in place. Just out of the picture at the bottom are the mortises for the 'A' end truck bolster. The ten replacement air pipe/truss rod spacer blocks have been cut, eight drilled for truss rod pads, and all got a coat of preservative.

  • 2008_nov_2.jpg
  • Close up of the 'A' end brake parts. The hole on the left is for the brake rod to the 'A' end truck. Two of the four half-inch square-headed bolts holding down the hangars had to be fabricated. The bolts are also double-nutted just like the originals.

  • 2008_nov_3.jpg
  • Close up of the unusual air lines on Tank #5. 'A' end needle beam is to the left. Note the loop of main air line at the top. At the bottom left is the strainer tee for the line to the air cylinder. The tee opening would normally be pointing down, and no strainer screen was inside. The straight air line is crossing the car frame here - notice the main beams notched for clearance. The main brake rod is running across the center. The air brake cylinder will be mounted on the second beam from the top, triple valve to the left. There's still a lot of brake hardware to be fitted between the two needle beams.

    October 2008
  • 2008_oct_1.jpg
  • Lots of 90 degree pipe fittings in tank #5's unusual air line - 4 in this section plus another 2 on the 'B' end pipe section. The section of rusty pipe has a hole in it and will be replaced. All of the pipe and fittings will be taken apart, inspected, and reassembled with new pipe sealer.

  • 2008_oct_2.jpg
  • Cleaned and primed draft gear parts and the 8 truck bolster truss rod pads. This work weekend saw a lot of sandblasting and cleaning in order to keep the project going into next year.

  • 2008_oct_3.jpg
  • 'B' end buffer block reinforcement and original brake chain spool have been cleaned and primed. The last of the truck bolster mounting hardware is also ready to go.

  • 2008_oct_4.jpg
  • The truss rod sets were marked and disassembled, and the two outer truss rod assemblies are ready for primer. Except for the tank and its two straps, all of tank #5's parts are now indoors.

    September 2008
  • 2008_sept_1.jpg
  • Finished 'B' end tenons.

  • 2008_sept_2.jpg
  • The finished tenons get a coat of paint just like the originals.

  • 2008_sept_3.jpg
  • The 'B' end endbeam is now in place. Straps and come-alongs hold the frame assembly together until needle beams, truck bolsters, and truss rods are ready.

  • 2008_sept_4.jpg
  • Both needle beams are now bolted to the frame.

    August 2008
  • 2008_aug_1.jpg
  • Final assembly of 'A' end endbeam and draft timbers.

  • 2008_aug_2.jpg
  • The 28 foot long main beams have developed a twist while drying, and will be bolted down to the sawhorses until the frame is assembled.

  • 2008_aug_3.jpg
  • Main beams have been successfully bolted down and cut to final length.

    July 2008
  • 2008_july_1.jpg
  • Trial fit of 'A' end endbeam - not bad!

  • 2008_july_2.jpg
  • 'A' end draft timber assembly. Lots of work went into the fitting.

    June 2008
  • 2008_june_1.jpg
  • Moving weekend - most of tank #5's smaller parts are now indoors for the frame's reassembly.

  • 2008_june_2.jpg
  • 'A' end tenons take shape. Note that the frame is being built upside down.

    May 2008
  • 2008_may_1.jpg
  • Steel 'sawhorses' are being fabricated, and will support the tank car's frame during construction.

  • 2008_may_2.jpg
  • Completed sawhorses are 9 feet wide, and weigh around 500 pounds each.

    April 2008
  • 2008_apr_1.jpg
  • 'A' end draft timbers take shape.

  • 2008_apr_2.jpg
  • Completed 'A' end draft timbers.

    March 2008
  • 2008_mar_1.jpg
  • Four new truss rod pads donated by Jeff Petersen from Ridgefield, WA. These are beautifully machined, not cast. We'll roughen them up a bit.

  • 2008_mar_2.jpg
  • It's cold and snowy, but work continues. The 'B' end needle beam takes form.

  • 2008_mar_3.jpg
  • 'B' end needle beam. Oblong holes are for the truck and brake wheel brake rods.

  • 2008_mar_4.jpg
  • 'A' end endbeam has also been completed.