Our Mission

The Western Railway Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving the skills and artifacts of our western railway heritage.

Particular attention is given to the narrow gauge railways that were once very common through the west. The WRPS has worked on not only preserving the locomotives and rolling stock of these railways but has also worked to preserve and restore other related artifacts like wayside buildings, water tanks, depots and even smaller artifacts like photos and documents.

The WRPS also works in partnership with other historic societies or individuals to help them achieve their historic preservation goals.

We have the skills and abilities to assist with every aspect of historic preservation from documentation and research to equipment acquisition and transport. We also have the experience and resources to help other societies and individuals with material and contractor selection or WRPS can be contracted to perform any phase of your project for you.

WRPS is a non-profit, run by dedicated volunteers. Memberships provide the greatly needed support to keep the doors open.