C D Meyers Railroad Collection

In early 2018, Western Railway Preservation Society (WRPS) got involved with the heirs to the C D Meyers property and 3 foot gauge railroad. In order to sell the property located near Dallas OR, the railroad had to be salvaged.

The 1/4 mile of track wound around on a very hilly 5 acres. A shop and small 24 foot turntable was on one end, and a loop on the other. The grade was up to 6 percent, and the track radius as tight as 75 feet. Most was accessible only by rail. Two turnouts completed the railroad.

Included in the collection was a 2-ton home-built diesel critter running on a German Holder AM-2 tractor chassis. A 1908 Porter 9-ton compressed air mining engine also was included, as well as several home-built carts and a flat car. A very complete set of track tools, rail and parts, and other collectibles completed the collection.

Disassembly of the railroad began in late April 2018 and continued into early 2019.

Onsite rail equipment was extensively used during the tear-up. The collection has been staged for reuse at Powerland Heritage Park near Brooks OR.

Picture Gallery – Click for larger view.

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