H M Wall Railroad Collection

The Sumpter Valley Railroad Restoration (SVRR) group in based Sumpter OR was approached by Mr. Wall about his private 3 foot gauge Bearsview Express Steam Railroad in 2013. He was getting ready to move to Central Oregon and needed to have the entire railroad removed for the sale of the property. Located near Gales Creek OR in the foothills of the Coast Range, the 1/3 mile loop sat on top of a small mountain.

The Western Railway Preservation Society (WRPS) got involved to help the SVRR recover the railroad. All of the rolling stock and trucks would go to the SVRR, and anything track-associated was for the WRPS. The project started in 2015, and will end in 2019 with the delivery of the last stored pieces to the SVRR.

The SVRR ended up with the SVRy #6 caboose, a late 1800’s boxcar frame and parts, several late 1800’s freight trucks, some speeder carts, and pallets of miscellaneous couplers and other parts. The WRPS ended up with 1/2 mile of #60 rail, two turnouts, ties for 1/3 mile of track, and all joint bars, track bolts, tie plates, and other associated rail parts.

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