SVRy Tank Car #99 Rebuild

One of the most colorful narrow gauge tank cars in the United States ran on the Sumpter Valley Railway, based in Baker City OR.

Tank car #99 was made up of a leased _____ gallon oil tank provided by the Standard Oil Co., and a home-built SVRy flat car. What makes the tank unusual is the very colorful artwork on the ends, and the big Zerolene letterwork on the sides.

The car is long gone, but the few old images available have inspired the Sumpter Valley Railroad Restoration (SVRR) group and the WRPS to try to duplicate the tank car.

Surprisingly, a tank with the right dimensions was recovered by the SVRR from a sawmill in ______ OR. The correct trucks, and a donor D&RG flat car that will provide the hardware are also on site at the restoration shop in McEwen OR.

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